Tuesday, 22 July 2014

So.... who decideds to start a blog day 2 in to the summer holidays???
Thought it would give a real candid account of 4 kids and the huge feat that is juggling and plate spinning - and no i dont mean circus skills !

Max has had a few days ahead of the rest of the gang as his school broke up early, the exaggerated behaviours have started already, I always say the holidays from school kind of unhinge him as he misses the routine

He it trying really hard to manage his time during the day, bubble blowing has been cut in half (by us)  Max is a serial bubble blower, he uses it to block out his environment and calm himself - the only thing is he needs a new litre YES LITRE bottle each time he plays so 2 sessions a day.... you get the picture. Once he has finished his bubble blowing he tends to rid himself of the surplus bubble liquid around the garden / shed / fence as he spins in a circle then the empty bottle generally ends up over a neighbours fence unless he is feeling very helpful where he will dispose in the rubbish bin.

So ..... here we are, first blog post and me trying to work out how blogger functions (bear with me)

Martina x

Taken at the park 22 July 14 
'no bubbles will improvise' 

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