Who are we??

Well there are 6 of us, Me, I will not share my age as I cant say it out loud (Martina) Clive (Dad) Reece 14 (Max's older brother) Evie 9 (Max's younger sister) and Bailey 6 (Max's little brother)

Max is now 12years old, people often ask me when I 'knew' that he has autism. I didn't actually know it was autism I just knew that something wasn't quite right, that was when he was approx 1years old.
Max was diagnosed very early on, from memory he was around 2yrs old.

In the early days he has a portage worker that came to visit him at home and work on play skills and communication. He moved on to a specialist nursery for children with autism when he was 4. We were lucky as it was a very small setting which included a speech and language therapist on site

We then had the joyous task of tackling the SEN procedure. I will not drone on and on about how hard that was but lets just say appeals & tribunals, blood, sweat and lots of tears.

Max joined a primary school which had an ASD unit attached, he was non verbal at the time. He spent his first few years there thriving, and he spoke!!!!!!!! Yes his first word was MILKSHAKE on our way round the supermarket, those drinks will do that to you:-)

From around year 4 at school he started to develop anxiety, this would show its self in different forms of behaviours, screaming, hitting out, pinching.
It is not always easy getting support, it can be a puzzle that you have to work your way through
Max required alot of support and when we go out he needs pretty much 1-1 care, he is quite routine based and likes to do the same things each week - shopping for set items (generally bubbles and food)

Day to day is me at work and Dad at home doing school runs (role reversal there)

In September 2013 Max started his secondary school (more appeals, tribunals and £ spent) but we got him where he needed to be. He still continues to have high anxiety and he can be very challenging in his own ways but he is our boy and although our lives will never be the same, when he says 'love you mummy' you realise how far we have all come

Autism has a huge impact on our lives, I wish Max didnt have autism, I wish he had friends knocking for him to go out to play, I wish he didnt have to be in a specialist school that takes him the best part of an hour to get to each way, I wish I wish I wish......

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Max in the middle 





Max laughing at his dad 

Reece got off his xbox long enough for a picture 


Evie & Bailey

Me & Max 

Yep .... rocking a tash!!