Wednesday, 30 July 2014



That boy of ours loves his bubbles, this has been his obsession of choice for about 3/4 years now, I cant quite remember when it started or when it became such a big need, these things tend to develop without you realising. When a child with autism likes something or trys to request a need you tend to over indulge them (I do anyway) you rejoice and find the positive

UNTIL .... it has taken over

Max has a serious need here for blowing bubbles, it is his means to escape, to zone out and be by himself plus it is very sensory. Before the bubbles came it was a big bucket in the garden an stones, Max would spend hours repeating throwing stones into water.

Max takes this 'need' with him, so when we go away we pack the bubble supply! Thankfully we have a local poundland store of which my friends laugh as Max is a regular there, they no him by name and smile at his crazy parents that order bubbles in bulk. Please don't forget here friends that bubbles are seasonal, so come the winter we found ourselves seeking them out in any shop possible

We were like bubble addicts, but then out clever brain kicked in.... we now order a palate full (no joke)

Max uses 2 litres a day on average (£2) he has to have a new pot each time and can not save any, when he is finished he discards it. I worked it out recently and he spends on average £700 a year on bubbles!

Friends say to me 'use washing up liquid' really???? this boy is a bubble connoisseur ...its like a fine wine to him - he knows his stuff!!

Anyway, today Max had waited all day for his bubbles, he is having his dinner between 3pm - 4pm to get there sooner. He has been really good and has manged to get himself down to 1 pot per day, but like I said when hes done, hes done..... Do all children with autism have obsessive patterns? Max always has.

Max is going to be 13 in December this year 
I was thinking foam party (he loves foam too) or 

what are the chances of seeing this guy?? 

Anyway peace & love & all that jazz & bubbles 



  1. Bubbles are fab!
    A nice obsession to have. :)
    My son's is numbers. He always has to have numbers with him at all times and it's pretty much all he talks about. The little dude has memorised the entire 12 times table! He's five lol
    I still don't know it. :D
    Enjoy the bubbles..
    Does he have a bubble tube? x

  2. Hey!!!!! yes he loves him some bubbles, he did have a bubble tube when he was younger until it leaked all over the floor.... oops!
    Times tables hey?? wowzers and yes i am with you on the learning those (even i never mastered them, dont tell my kids though!!)

  3. Wow! Thanks for your invitation! You could always try going through our website at - all our bubble show information is there
    Here's a nice video i think you'll all like -
    Happy bubbling Max!
    Samsam Bubbleman