Thursday, 24 July 2014

Ripping books & juggling apples....

So.... a pretty ordinary day here

I have had work which means Clives home with the troops, no mean feat jumping from one request to the next. It starts with breakfast orders and seamlessly runs into snacks, drinks, arguments to lunch... you get the picture

Max has been trying really hard to keep himself occupied. However, he thinks he can juggle APPLES!
Why he chooses to do this who knows, he only ever does this on holidays off school! very random
Alongside the juggling is the 'im being silly song' he seems to hum, not really a song but a noise we all associate with mischief!

I did buy him some juggling balls to try and switch from my poor bruised fruits but he chucked them over the fence! (our neighbours get quite a collection over the fence, last night it was my pot of hot chocolate... I can almost hear their dog groan as I'm sure they hope for something more appealing)

Now, onto ripping books. This is quite frustrating as Max has a habit of ordering off Amazon, his most recent & continuing obsession are the Disney Classic Books (discontinued of course!)

When the obsession strikes the impact can be quite hard to manage, with Max especially as he finds waiting hard (we are working on this! i use it as a bartering system now to encourage positive behaviour) that postman just doesnt deliver fast enough

Anyway, after all the effort in buying the books this happens 

I wanted to show you todays antics but Max has deleted the image off my phone! Max gets some kind of thrill from ripping books - he ripped all his little brothers books

What do you do?? do we need to lock the doors? I just dont know sometimes, with his own books i can kind of understand why as he shreds everything insight and leaves the 2 treasured books at that time

But his brothers??? If he goes near Evies room there will be a riot as Evie is an avid reader, i think i would need to leave for the night till it calmed down!!!! 

I would love to hear from anyone that has had the experience with the ripping (the juggling i can live with!!)

Anyway, in all an average kind of day 

If you see any jobs advertised for paper shredders.... give me the nod! 

Martina x 

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