Friday, 25 July 2014

Being told to be quiet by strangers

A quick post

Max went on his usual weekly shopping trip where burgers & rolls were on the list! (after poundland for bubble liquid of course)

So, picture the scene - Max and his dad, shopping, Max gets distracted and is standing by the door making his usual vocalisations.

In walks Mrs Member Of The Public 

'Could you keep the noise down there is no need'

Clive hasn't had time to respond

Manager of Store 

'Excuse me can you not see that the young man has special needs'

So, that doesn't happen often!!


pumps fist in the air with glee!!!!!!

Happy Friday all

peace & love and all that jazz

Martina x


  1. People need to engage brains before jumping to conclusions, can you imagine if the store manager wasn't there Mrs Member of the Public may have been force fed one of their Beef Stews :o)

  2. Well done that store manager! There is hope for people understanding. I think we have up to a third of our little helpers this week with some form of special need and no one makes a deal about it, everyone gets on and the children are learning from each other. It's how it should be.

  3. :)
    Where is the store?
    If you have a spare five minutes (I know!) it might be worth a quick email to the head office (and individual store if u can find an email address) telling them how impressed you were with the attitude of the staff. First of all this bring the whole 'how we treat our customers with special needs' thing up in the minds of head office, and they often colate all their compliments, so again raises profile in their minds. Also often gets passed on to store concerned, and nobody minds a pat on the back! Also (whether via head office or direct or both) this person then knows their comment was appreciated, so more likely to male a similar comment another time. I know it's a faff, but might go to increase likelihood of appropriate comment next time round, for your family or for someone else's!