Sunday, 27 July 2014

Selfie Sunday

Hi everyone, Reece here. I'm Max's older brother and this is my first post! Mum is teaching me how Blogger works and how to write posts. I'm going to be doing Selfie Sunday, which is pretty challenging since Max doesn't seem to like having pictures taken... you almost need to bribe him to get him to stand still!
Anyway, here's a bit about me. I'm 14, and I am going into year 10 after the holidays. I enjoy anything to do with computers or games, and I am a Walking Dead and Breaking Bad fanatic. I hate excersise, and am probably the only boy in existence that finds football boring... Yep, a boy who doesn't like footy, who would have thought it?

Anyways, I'll be back next sunday for another post! Bye guys :)

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