Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Anxiety Rules


Can you hear that??

SILENCE *insert dancing me, whooping and punching fist into the air*

Yes schools been back a week for Maxy boy, the night before is why I am posting this blog and the subsequent week...

The night before school re started I anticipated he would struggle and boy did he. He asked to go to bed uncharacteristically early for him, 10pm, where he lay frozen in a forced state of 'yes I'm going to bed' position.

Max finds the first night back to school ie: every Sunday night and after holidays very stressful

So, back to last Tuesday, after the frozen pose he continued to stay in his room until 2am, he then got into bed with us upstairs (does this every Sunday)
At 5am he was up and in the most stressed state hes been in for ages.... (flying does this to him too)

Lots of pacing, up the 2 flights of stairs, fingers in his ears repeating little mumbles over and over his heart was racing and he stunk! sorry but high anxiety can make you sweat. This lasted for 3.5hrs until he left with just a sip of water and a trembling bottom lip repeating 'home after school home after school'

To add insult to injury he had a brand new driver for his first day.... helppppppp

He was so exhausted when he got home and was falling asleep in our bed from 930pm, he wouldn't get into his own bed until his Dad was upstairs also, for about the past 8 months he will not get into his own bed until we are both upstairs!

I mentioned previously that Max has had a referral to psychiatry, there is a long waiting list (go figure)

It is so frustrating because for the past 3-4 years I have been saying to any professional that passed by and yes they are like passing ships there is little support for our 'autism' kids, I repeatedly said he has anxiety issues

Such a shame they have waited so long to go ' Your son has such high anxiety that it is unlikely he will be with you when he is 17 as you will not be able to manage him' YES that line is a true account of a comment given in feedback my a social worker who had never met us and has since vanished into the ether.....

We do however have a great learning disabilities nurse who has been helping over the past few months (he leaves next week)

But an appointment is due.... one day.... if they have a psychiatrist in post....... and they have experience in children with autism...... and I trust them......believe them....... like them even......do I have issues?????????????

Here he is a week in with a sore face, he gets this sore mouth when he gets worried, starts off small and grows and grows, he refuses cream, self heals

He is a strong boy and trys very hard to self cope - the frozen pose in bed?? hes trying to help himself, only its to much for his little body to cope with. His routine is all wrong, he doesn't eat breakfast, he now thinks dinner is at lunch time as they call lunch at school  'school dinners' so he wont eat dinner at home..... arghhh is all upside down

So, thats us for now

Peace & love & all that jazz 


ps - Reece hasnt forgotten his blogging duties, Max will not entertain #selfiesunday so it may be a blog post from him with no photo, unless he gets the art of photo bombing under his belt!!!! 

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  1. I hope you get the support you all and most importantly, Max needs eventually Mart. So shite that it all has to be such a struggle and fight. Beaut pic of your handsome boy xx