Sunday, 14 September 2014

Guess who's back?

Max is back! No more selfies from now on, he doesn't entertain it... I have to take pictures from a distance so I don't get attacked, hehe. 

So, in between throwing bubbles up the shed and tipping milk away, he let me take this half decent picture of him. He then decided to run off and play Grand Theft Auto.  We've had to move the Xbox from Bailey's room into Max's. He plays it so much now that he woke up Bailey at 6 in the morning climbing on him because he wanted to sit in his bed and play it! 

He's been in there for about 2 hours now, running people over and blowing cars up. He still hasn't learnt to turn it off yet though, he just finishes playing, and leaves it running.. The Xbox has almost become a part of his daily routine. Even when he is anxious about going to school, he still manages to squeeze in 10 minutes of death, fire, guns and mayhem. 

Other crazy happenings: 
He ripped up a pair of pants in the kitchen for no apparent reason, and squirted a whole tube of new toothpaste down the sink. Combined with his virtual death obsession, I'd say that he has quite the appetite for destruction at the moment... 

He's on his bed now watching his random dose of YouTube videos. Hopefully his need for destruction doesn't lead to the death of the IPad...... 

Anyways, I'll catch you all in the next blog post, Bye!

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